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2024 Spring Registration

All registrations are online through the website.  Click on the link below to register your player. 

Why Kids Play Sports

Find the reasons here

Now ask your player for honesty when considering what level to play at.

NCCP Coach Certification Required for 2024

NCCP is a national coaching certification pathway.  For 2024  all coaches in summer baseball must be certified to a level as required for their divisionAny coach found not to be properly certified in a Provincial Tournament will cause the team they coach to be removed from the Provincial.  

Mission Minor Baseball is looking to have all coaches certified to Initiation level for 7U, 9U and 11U for spring play.  Initiation certification is an on-line component (cost is refunded to coaches by MMBA) and a four hour in person module.  We are waiting on final details which should be available in mid January.

Take as many modules and learn as much as you want  - we pay.  MMBA pays because we value the coaches in our organization.  We believe the players of Mission Minor Baseball deserve the best informed and trained coaches possible and offering learning opportunities free of charge is one step to achieving this.


Coaches, assistant coaches and team volunteers that interact with the players are required to have a current criminal record check available to forward to MMBA's risk management person.   This does not cost you any money!

To obtain a criminal record check:

The form is available from the Mission RCMP.  You must attend in person.  Mission RCMP is open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Place of residence determines which RCMP detachment you go to.  Live in Mission you go to the Mission detachment.  If you live in Abbotsford you go to the Abbotsford police.  

Tell the RCMP you are volunteering for Mission Minor Baseball and that there is a letter on file with them that is used to waive the fee as you are volunteering for Mission Minor Baseball.  You will need 2 pieces of government issued ID and 1 needs to have a photo. Driver's License, passport, birth certificate, care card, PAL, etc. just needs name & DOB. If don't have Driver's License you can use a student card with picture, if applicable. 

On the form the key contact would be Dan Williams , President, email;, cell; 604-302-9377.  Association would be MMBA, list what age group you are working with (5U, 7U...).  The RCMP  will help fill out the form if needed. Both sections of the form need to be filled out as we all work with the vulnerable.  

It takes approximately one week to get the record check back.  Once you receive it you need to give a copy to MMBA for review.  The process is confidential and very necessary.  

Please get this done as soon as possible.  It is required and we cannot put you in charge of a team without it.

Coaches Needed

We need coaches for all divisions.  When registering your player please consider becoming a coach.  We have manuals that contain approved drills and teaching points for 5U through 11U.  At the younger ages we run clinics on what to teach and how to teach it and provide you with the manual so you are not information deprived and trying to teach. Coaching is a great way to have fun with your player.  MMBA is very coach appreciative and we make it as painless as possible to coach with gear stored right at the park and smaller team sizes in the younger ages.  Head coaches automatically get their $75.00 family volunteer fee back at the end of the season. 



MMBA would like to thank the Coaches Caravan team - Mike Kelly, Grant Rimer, Al Forman, Michael Dagg, and Al Rimer for coming. The kids have so much fun! A perfect pre-season training indeed!

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Find A Field

Click on this link to find a field within Baseball BC.

Who We Are

Mission Minor Baseball (1990) Association is a not-for-profit registered society established in 1990 in Mission, BC,  Canada, providing the framework for youth aged 4-18 to play baseball in a safe and fun environment.  

MMBA is an innovator in programming, emphasizing Long Term Athlete Development, skill development, sportsmanship, and fun. 

We welcome all interested players regardless of experience and/or ability at all age levels.  We also have our Challenger division that offers fun baseball for physically and/or mentally challenged players of all ages. 

Financial barriers do not exist as we have programs available that guarantee your player is on the field for the season.  Mission Minor Baseball gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia!

Inclusion, Participation, Skill Development and Sportsmanship

The article below highlights principles that we live by in MMBA.  Study after study shows that early specialization, more competition and less development (practice), and separating by skill at an early age are all very wrong-headed things to do.  MMBA is a firm believer in Long Term Athlete Development. The article reflects our commitment to the children of Mission to provide a fun and safe environment to enjoy their sport and develop their skills without feeling like they are at work.  Sports are supposed to be fun, not an extension of parents' hopes and dreams. Ill-informed roads to success for athletes cause burnout and ultimately the dropping out of sport which is very sad as the science and studies show over and over that kids want to play sports but when it stops being fun they walk away.  Please read the article it is from John O'Sullivan of "Changing the Game Project".

LTAD video - Must see for parents of 4-12 year olds

This video produced by Nova Scotia Sport is a great piece of work. Watch and learn.

Umpire Connection

Learn the game from the other side. Become an umpire and earn while you learn. Click here to find an umpire clinic near you.

Get Your Volunteer Fee Refunded

To get your $75 fee back - Be a Head Coach

or work a tournament day scorekeeping, field dressing

We are a 100% volunteer organization when you help it helps all of us

MMBA gratefully acknowledges the FINANCIAL support of the Province of British Columbia.

Visit our Alumni under the Pride button on our Home page


  • Challengers at the 2017 Jamboree
  • 7U Tball gang practice on Saturday mornings- fun, fun and more fun
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